Millionaire online educational game

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  The game Millionaire is a quiz game according to the famous TV show and provides great entertainment and lessons for children and adults.  

Information about the Millionaire Game

The Millionaire game is prepared according to the well-known TV game and it has the same rules. It differs from the original game only in the behavior and in following exceptions:

  • In the game Millionair you can not win any money or material prizes. You can only get new knowledge.
  • Jokers 'Call a friend' and 'Let me ask the audience' are simulated by computer and the likelihood of their correctness decreases with the number of questions that you solve.
  • All the Jokers are independent from each other, i.e. the use of a single Joker can not affect the outcome of another one, for example Joker 'Call a friend' does not affect the Joker 'Let me ask the audience'.

There is currently 12 categories of questions in the game Millionair. To receive questions only from your selected categories, click on 'Settings' and select your own categories. However, you must choose at least 3 of them.

Since we are all humans and we make mistakes, we would like to apologize for any errors, whether grammatical or in the content. We will be very glad if you notify us for errors and we will remove them as soon as possible.

(: Lots of fun :)
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