Millionaire online educational game

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  The game Millionaire is a quiz game according to the famous TV show and provides great entertainment and lessons for children and adults.  

Rules of the Millionaire Game

  • The Millionaire game objective is to answer 15 questions whose difficulty is growing gradually. For each question you have four options, exactly one of them is always right.
  • If you answer the question correctly, you progress to the next one, if incorrectly, then the game ends.
  • You can exit the game Millionaire anytime and at any question.
  • There are guaranteed borders at the fifth and tenth question. If you answer incorrectly, you move down to the next lower guaranteed border resp. to zero.
  • During the game Millionaire there are three jokers available: '50 on 50 ', 'Call a friend ' and 'Let me ask the audience'.You can use Jokers in any order and at any questions.

  • Any amount of the winnings are only virtual, i.e. the winnings do not imply any financial or other prize. The win is not legally or otherwise enforceable.

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